How to Add or Update Self Service Password Reset Options

Your Adler account provides access to almost everything – Office 365, Adler email, Adler Connect portal, Self-Service, Canvas (Learning Management System), on-campus workstation login, etc.  Enrolling in the password manager will allow users to set backup methods they can use if they are locked out of their account or need to reset their password.

Navigate to and sign in with your Adler email

You will be directed to the Adler branded sign-in page. Sign in with your Adler email and current password.

After logging in, you will see your Sign-in information page. 

Navigate to Security info and you will see a list of sign-in methods. 

To update a method, click Delete to remove it which will allow you to reconfigure it.

 Choose Add method to add additional backup options.

Choose a method that works best for you to complete the process.

You will now be taken to the main Office 365 page and may use Office 365 apps normally. 

Once you are enrolled in Adler Self Service Password Resets, you may reset your password following this guide: How to Reset Your Adler Password.

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