Create Online Surveys and Polls with Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a Microsoft 365 app which can be used to collect information in, like Google Forms and Survey Monkey. With Microsoft Forms, you can create surveys, quizzes, and polls, and easily see results as they come in. To Create a form with Microsoft Forms, view the instructions on Microsoft's Forms Page.

Create a form or quiz

  1. Open the Forms app
  2. Select New Form or New Quiz 
  3. Give a title and description and add an optional picture
  4. Click Add New to add a new question type
  5. Select the type of question and response you want such as choice, text, rating or date
  6. The form saves automatically as you build it

To limit who can respond, and see other options, click on the three dots (ellipses) in the top right corner of Forms, then click Settings

Be aware of these settings as you distribute your form.  If you want people outside of Adler to be able to submit responses, you must set the forms settings to Anyone with the link can respond. If Only people in my organization can respond is set, then respondents must log into Office 365 with their Adler account to respond.

Collecting data

  • We strongly advise against the collection of demographic data from students by employees using Forms for any official school purposes.  If you require demographic data from our students, please contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.  This data is collected by and stored in our student information system using the highest security, privacy and confidentiality standards.
  • Do not collect Credit Card or Banking payment information through forms: this is prohibited at Adler University.  If you require payment for a service from a student, please contact the Student Accounts office for a secure, compliant solution.
  • For external forms, follow the Adler brand guidelines when using images and choosing colors.

Share your form/quiz

Click the preview button to check you're happy with it, then click Share. Choose how you want to share from a weblink, a QR code or via email.

You may also share this form you've created as a template for others to duplicate for their own personal uses or share a link to collaborate with others on designing questions and reviewing results.

View responses

  1. Open the Forms app
  2. Select the Form or Quiz you want to review
  3. Select the Responses tab 
  4. To export the responses, click Open in Excel

To delete existing responses, view the Responses tab, click the three dots (ellipses) in the responses panel and select Delete all responses

Training resources

Getting started with Microsoft Forms 

Microsoft forms Quick Start guide 

Microsoft Forms guide

Help and feedback

If you would like to request IT's help in optimizing a Form-based workflow, please contact the IT Service Desk with the following information:

  • Organization/Business Unit/Department requesting the solution
  • Overview of the current business process that needs to be automated
  • Explanation of how you picture automation improving your business process: What could change, and how much time would you save?
  • Preferred timeline: Is this critical and urgent? Is this a wish list item you would like to have eventually?
  • A point of contact who will be responsible for the day-to-day development, communication, and sign-off of the project

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