Managing Share Point Teams

When added to a SharePoint Team, you will see the conversation in Teams under the section that's called Teams. (If you don't have the app yet, you can log in at with your Adler account and open Teams or go directly to

The address of Teams Sites are:[TEAM NAME]

If you click on the star next to the word Follow you will start following the page which will allow you to see a link to it in SharePoint.

Items in the Documents section of the site can be interacted with like OneDrive files except these documents will be hosted by the Team rather than an individual user. All members of the team will be able to see these files and edit them. Users that are outside the Team will need to have team documents shared with them if they need to view or edit them for some reason.

The Team Documents can be synced locally to Windows computers that have OneDrive installed. This will allow Windows users to view the documents in File Explorer. Opening documents from here will allow team members to collaborate on these documents using desktop apps. With the Documents synced, items can be saved to the Documents library the same way any document is saved or downloaded to a local hard drive. By default, Windows will only store these documents on the computer while they are in use, so it won't end up taking a lot of space.

To sync the Documents library follow these instructions: Reminder: This needs to be on a Windows computer that has OneDrive installed. OneDrive is installed with the o365 Suite available from

Navigate to the Documents section on the Teams Site. A menu will appear at the top of the main pane. Select Sync from this menu.

You can add people to the team by selecting the ellipses next to the Team name and selecting Add member.

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