Keep Learning: Strategies and Tips for When Your Course Moves Online

In the event of a school closure, your inability, or your instructor’s inability to attend class due to the current coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak in our state or the occasional struggle with snow, communication with your instructors will be crucial for exploring alternatives for participating in their class.

Here are the top things that are covered here to help you successfully participate in your courses:

  1. Clear communications,
  2. Internet and device access,
  3. Knowledge of Software Platforms,
    1. Canvas
    2. Zoom
    3. Panopto
  4. Familiarity with creating files for online submission, and
  5. A commitment to spend time in your online classes daily.


You will have two ways to contact your instructor once your course goes online: Adler email and via message in the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).

If you do not have the required technology and access to participate in an online course, be proactive in communicating this to your instructor and in finding solutions (see below).

Internet and Device Access

If a face-to-face class is changed to be offered in an online format, please keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure you have access to the Internet, either at home or a publicly available hotspot.
  • Ensure you have access to a computer or a mobile device. This device will need to support:

  • Audio - At a minimum, ensure you have speakers and a microphone; however, we recommend a headset or earbuds (with mic).

  • Video - Ensure you have a webcam, either built into your computer or a USB webcam.

Adler University Technology Department,, may have a small supply of these devices available for checkout, but supplies are limited.


Adler University utilizes the Canvas learning management system (LMS) to conduct its online courses. To participate in your courses, you will need to do the following:

  • Verify your Canvas account by logging into with your Adler email address and password.
  • Check to make sure your courses for this term are visible. Your courses will not be visible until your professor publishes them.
  • Ensure you are getting instructor notifications and announcements by checking your notification preferences in Canvas.
  • Communicate with your instructor promptly if you need accommodations in terms of due dates, quiz times, or accessibility concerns. If you have a documented disability or accommodation request, please contact Student Affairs at


If you have an issue or concern with Canvas, consider the following resources:

  1. How do I use the Course Home Page as a student?
  2. How do I view Assignments as a student?
  3. How do I submit an online assignment?
  4. How do I reply to a discussion as a student?
  5. How do I create a new ePortfolio as a student?
  6. How do I view assignment comments from my instructor?
  7. Canvas Student Guide - detailed help pages
  8. Canvas Help - Adler Canvas tech support

If you have any further questions, please see Adler's Canvas support articles or reach out to




  1. Verify your Panopto account by logging into with your Adler credentials.
  2. Review the support resources and tutorials for recording and sharing videos:

Training Webinars

A series of on-demand webinars hosted by Adler's Education Design and Innovation team to help you with Canvas and other technology issues

Canvas Essentials Zoom Essentials Recording with Panopto

Email and Calendar

To access your Adler email from any computer:

  • You can access your email on the web by going to and sign in with your Adler email address and password.
  • Use the menu in the bottom left-hand corner to toggle between your Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks.
  • To Sign Out, click on the round profile picture at the top right-hand corner of the screen and select Sign out.
  • Use the Outlook app for the best experience on iOS, and Android smartphones.

Time Commitment

  • Daily Check-in: Expect to check your Adler email and Canvas courses daily. Reading announcements and other notifications are crucial to having a successful online experience.
  • Time: Expect to spend as much time, if not more time, engaging with your class commitments.
  • Communicate: Take the time to promptly communicate via Canvas or email with your professors or classmates if you have questions.
  • Support: Before spending too much time on tasks, be sure to reach out for assistance.
  • Ask for feedback or clarification.
  • Be open to phone communications.
  • See Tips for Effective Communication.



You may gain access to things such as SPSS, etc remotely using our myDesktop virtual desktop tool.  Learn how to connect.

Library Materials and Services for Chicago Students During University Closure

The Mosak Library is closed, but the librarians are continuing to provide most library services and materials.

  • ILLiad, for articles, single book chapters, and electronic dissertations not available through Adler: We are now processing your ILLiad requests again! Requests may take longer to fill as many of the libraries that fill our requests are also closed.
  • I-Share, for interlibrary loan of print books: The I-Share system is shut down and it’s not possible to place any new requests. All I-Share libraries are waiving fines, including Adler.
  • Reserves: You can see if a book on reserves is available as an e-book through Adler. You can only access e-books owned by Adler, not those owned by other I-Share libraries.
  • Library questions: Email Just like walking into the Library and asking one of our student workers a question.
  • Reference Appointments: If you have any questions, schedule a research consultation appointment with Frances Brady over Zoom.


How do I get technical support?

The Chicago and Vancouver IT service desks are on call to assist Adler employees and students globally. For the fastest response, please email or call 1-855-883-0033 24×7 with any technical support questions.

How do I change my Adler password?

Visit to use or enroll in our Password Management Tool. You log in and register three security questions. Then, to change your password or unlock your account, simply visit the site, answer the questions, and change your password. This tool works on your phone too!

What’s the best way to have an online meeting?

If you are meeting with a group that uses Microsoft Teams, simply click the “Meet Now” button in a team chat or schedule a future Teams meeting.

Zoom is another great option and is integrated with Outlook.  This may be the easiest solution for meeting with people who are outside of Adler.

Is cloud storage safe and secure?

Cloud storage is safe and secure as long as you understand who you are sharing files with.  Adler has agreements in place with Microsoft, Zoom, Canvas, and other providers for extended coverage of our HIPAA and PHI data.

How can I get research help?

Email questions to Frances at You can also make a Zoom appointment with Frances.

Can I place ILLiad requests for articles, book chapters, and dissertations?

Yes, ILLiad services are now available for articles and single book chapters. Requests may take longer to fill as many libraries around the country are closed or on reduced hours.

Can I place I-Share requests?

No, I-Share for interlibrary loan of books has been suspended by the consortium until further notice. Requests can’t be placed and books in transit will be held until the library reopens.

Can I use the Library’s reserves collection?

You can check to see if your reserve title is available as a library e-book by searching the catalog at

Please note, you will only have access to e-books owned by Adler, not other I-Share libraries.

My Adler book is due – how can I return it?

You will not incur any fines for Adler books while the campus is closed. Please just return it once you return to campus.

My I-Share book is due – how can I renew it?

You can renew your I-Share book by logging into your I-Share account.

The I-Share Library Guide has detailed explanations to do so:

My I-Share book is due and I have reached the maximum number of renewals allowed. How can I return it?

You do not need to. All I-Share libraries are waiving fines.

Who do I contact if I have other library questions?




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