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Registering for Classes in Colleague's Self-Service

Welcome to the online guide for stepping through the Course Section Registration process at Adler University.

1. Log into Adler Connect:


2. Choose Self-Service from the Quick Links drop-down in the top menu bar 

3. Upon successful login to Self-Service, check the Notifications section for any holds that may prevent registration.

If you are on hold, please make note of the department that has placed a hold on your registration and take the appropriate action to resolve the hold by connecting with that department directly.

4. Click on Student Planning option to search for courses & register for course sections

5. The next screen will present you with the option to either:

        1.  View your degree audit in the View Your Progress option 

        2.  Plan your degree in the Plan your Degree & Register for Classes Option

Use the Search for Courses… box to search for your first course selection.  You will need the course prefix and the course number (ex. PSY-642)

6. Once you have entered the course, select View Available Sections for … find your desired course section for the term  (make sure you are selecting a section for the correct term)

Note: Do not select ADD COURSE TO PLAN

This option only adds the course (Ex:  PSY-998) instead of an actual course section (Ex:  PSY-998-A) to your Plan.

7. Once you have found your desired section, select the blue Add Section to Schedule button

8. Select the Add Section button in the pop-up window.  

Note: Repeat Steps 5 through 8 until you’ve added all of your desired course sections.

9. Click Academics Student Planning Plan & Schedule from the menu on the left of the Self-Service Screen

10. You are now ready to complete the Registration Process.  Each course section you’ve added will indicate Planned.  Select the Register or Register Now button.

Please remember each course section has a section letter or letters attached (ex:   PSY-998-A).  If you do not see a section letter or letters attached, you have only added the course to your plan. You will need to go back and add an actual section.

If you have successfully registered for a course section, you will see an indicator of Registered, but not Started, or Registered.

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