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Windows VPN Login

Before anything, have your VPN login info ready! You'll use your Adler email address and a unique password provided by the service desk.

Video demonstration here

Step-by-step process:

  1. Press the wi-fi icon in your taskbar, next to the time/date in the corner
  2. Near the top of the list, look for Adler VPN, press it, and choose Connect
  3. Enter your special VPN login credentials at the pop-up
  4. Once it displays the word Connected, you're all set!

The VPN will automatically remember your login for next time.

Resetting your saved VPN credentials

This is only needed if your VPN is not working

If you need to re-enter your VPN credentials, you'll need to clear the previously-saved credentials first. To do so, follow the animated tutorial attached to this article, or use the written steps below.

  1. Search the Start menu for VPN Settings
  2. Select Adler VPN, press Advanced Options, then press Clear sign-in info
  3. Press the back arrow in the upper-left, then press Connect and enter your VPN credentials

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