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Accessing Adler's VirtualLab

VirtualLab provides easy, web-based access to a variety of specialized applications such as SPSS, NViVo, Microsoft Word, and many more. University students and faculty can access the software from any PC or Mac, on and off-campus, and easily attach VirtualLab to OneDrive.

Using the Web Client

In any browser, go to the VirtualLab log in page and log in with your Adler email address and password.

Next, click on Virtual Lab and allow the local resource:

Enter your Adler email address and password then click Submit.

Finally, you will see the Virtual Lab session open in your web browser.

Using the App

If you prefer, you may install the Windows Desktop client on your computer or mobile device to access VirtualLab.  Choose the client that matches your operating system:

Windows 7 or 10 64-bit (most Windows users)

macOS 10.13 or later

Android 4.0 or later

iOS 13.0 or later

Windows 7 or 10 32-bit

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are not supported at this time.


Once installed, the client can be launched on Windows from the Start menu by searching for Remote Desktop.

After you've launched the client, press the Add button in the upper-right corner, then press Workspaces

Next, enter your Adler email address in the text field and press Subscribe in the bottom-left corner

This will continue to a screen with up to two computer icons labeled "Virtual Lab" (they are functionally identical). See the screenshot below.

Click on Virtual Lab and enter your Adler email address and password.

Finally, the Virtual Lab session will launch, bringing you to the Virtual Lab desktop.


Users will see this error if using an incorrect or outdated link:

When seeing this error, please make sure you use the updated link: VirtualLab log in page

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